Emily & Wes’s Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield Wedding Photography Blog.

Well to say we are excited about putting this blog out there is an understatement. We had such a fantastic day shooting Emily and Wes’s wedding photography at Ringwood Hall in Chesterfield.

The day started at Ringwood Hall where Emily, her girls and mother were getting ready. Emily as usual was totally chilled and no sign of nerves appeared to be present. As the bridal prep room was quite full we had full permission to take her wedding dress outside to make sure we got the best shots possible and we think they look ace! Also we got their two amazing little boys outside for a couple of shots too. So cute!!!

Not after long Wes arrived with his groomsmen and we headed straight to the back gardens to get their shots. Pretty much up for anything we had a great chance to get some cool photography. Wes was full of beans and ready for a great day.

As guests arrived they made their way through to the Ringwood suite, a gorgeous ornate room with plenty of room for both of us to shoot with great freedom. A quick glance between Wes and the mother of the bride before Emily made her entrance looking stunning.

After a beautiful ceremony all the guest headed down to the marquee for group shots and drinks. We had the chance before the rain to head off to get some shots of the bride and groom on their own which turned out brill.

After the wedding breakfast and speeches it was time to party and totally relax for the rest of the evening. Such a great day with some fantastic wedding photography.

Massive thanks to Emily, Wes and all their family and friends for what was a perfect day for all.

Big congratulations.

Nick & Nic

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Katie & Luke’s Hemswell Court, Wedding Photography Blog.

So, a beautiful winter wedding. Of course and we wouldn’t have expected anything less from Katie & Luke. You know that you’ve got it good when your bride and groom give you pretty much free reign on what you tell them to do and Katie & Luke were up for creating some special shots.

From the moment they booked over a year ago we knew we were going to get on great and have a fantastic time being their wedding photographers!

We started the day in their home town of Retford, Nottinghamshire to shoot the bridal preps. At Katie’s parents house we were welcomed in with open arms and set free to get the shots we needed. Katie looked calm as anything and raring to go surrounded with her bridesmaids and family. We did quickly shoot round to Katie & Luke’s house where Luke was with his men and also calm as a cucumber whilst they prepared for the day ahead.

We soon left after Katie was ready and we were off to All Hallows Church, Retford, a 13th century church with great character. After a lovely service and group shots outside in the cool crisp winter air it was time to take the 40 minute journey over to Helswell Court in Lincolnshire for their wedding breakfast and evening reception. We had some amazing photographic opportunities around the grounds and just to add to the atmosphere a heavy fog lingered in the air.

The rest of the evening went perfectly as to be expected and we both wish Katie and Luke all the best and a massive congratulations.

Thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers.

Nick & Nic



Mel & Grace’s Mosborough Hall, Sheffield Wedding Photography Blog.

Well, it seems a lifetime ago now since the wedding of Mel & Grace at Mosborough Hall in Sheffield. What a great day we had……. and we knew this was going to happen all along.

I’ve known Mel for a fair few years now and when they booked us as their wedding photographers we were pretty chuffed. To be asked to photograph any wedding is a total privilege and all the more special as an old friend.

We arrived at Mosborough Hall nice and early to grab some special preparation shots in both Mel & Grace’s rooms making sure we shot all the important details capturing those candid moments. Both were pretty chilled out and couldn’t wait to get the day started. Once dressed and ready they looked fantastic and made their way towards the Chatsworth room for their ceremony. As an extra surprise for their guest they had arranged a band to play their walk down the isle songs.

The ceremony was perfect with smiles and tears from the front to the back of the room and smiles were to carry on for the rest of the day.

We dropped lucky with the weather and cracked on with the group shots and Mel and Grace showed their true style by creating some fantastic personal shots.

The rest of the day went perfectly and we met so many of their fantastic family and friends who made us all feel unbelievably welcome but there was still one more event to come which was the first dance…….. and did they pull it off…..or course and in style.

We both would like to wish Mel & Grace all the best for the future and a massive thanks again for choosing us to be your wedding photographers.

Nick & Nic



Lisa & Rob’s London Engagement Shoot Blog. Wedding Photography.

Lisa & Rob’s London Engagement Shoot Blog. Wedding Photography.

Well the time had finally arrived to take a trip down to London for Lisa & Rob’s engagement shoot. It had been in the planning for some time and what an opportunity we have been given to shoot around some of the most amazing landmarks and buildings available.

We woke around 6am to shoot over to Doncaster to catch the 7:45 train bound for Kings Cross, London where we had arranged to be picked up by Lisa & Rob in a classic Mini. Now this isn’t just any ordinary Mini, this is a Mini from London’s best sight-seeing tour Small Car BIG CITY. This company is owned by Rob & Lisa so we had the privilege of being transported around all day with the added sight-seeing tour knowledge thrown in as we passed London’s finest sights. I’m quite a curious person myself so was firing off questions about nearly every building we passed which Rob knew the answer to. Great stuff!

Our first port of call was to be one of London’s finest Hotels, The Rosewood Hotel. They had arranged for us to use the fantastic and quirky bar area more commonly known as “Scarfes Bar”

With large windows running down one side of the bar and an array of mixed furniture our creative juices were flowing. We had limited time but managed to shoot many images in a variety of ways.

As the clock struck eleven we needed to be on our way to the next location, Trinity House. Now I didn’t really know much of Trinity House but had heard the name before. This beautiful building is the home of a charity dedicated to safeguarding shipping and seafarers which has been serving mariners since 1514. Amazing! Not only was this an amazing building but the artwork within was something spectacular. Given a choice of rooms we settled upon the largest, flanked by an original Elizabeth the 1st and Henry the 8th painting we set to work as seen below. Being given free reign and vip access to buildings is pretty much all a photographer could ask for.

Next off after a spot of lunch it was time to scale the height of the “Walkie Talkie” building and rise up to the “Sky Garden”. After being searched and scanned we headed up the lift to one of the most amazing views London has to offer. There is not really much more we can say apart from look at the shots below to get the best idea of how amazing it really is. It doesn’t take much to get us excited anyway to this really got us going.

After these three locations we headed to Leadenhall Market for a little christmassy touch which is also very close to “The Gherkin” then followed by a Mini sight-seeing tour back to Kings Cross.

We both want to thank Lisa & Rob for such an amazing day and we can’t wait to be shooting your wedding next year. Thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers.


Nick & Nic


Photogenick Photography. Yorkshire and beyond weddings, 2014.

As most of our blog post start…………..its been ages since we did a blog post!!! But now we’ve found the time to sit down and post another. This one revolves around all the amazing weddings we shot last year and to say we just cant wait to get shooting them weddings again this year. This year so far is to be our most busy year we have ever had. We will be shooting in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire and travelling all across the UK. Its going to be a hectic one but one we cant wait to get our teeth into.

So here below is a little taster of weddings we shot in 2014.

Hope you like.

Nick Prescott-White & Nic Welch


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