– About Nick & Nic –

– What Nick says about Nic –

Nic or “Noddy” as I like to call her is my soul mate, best friend, wife and the person I always turn to in times of need.

She is the most organised and happy person I know. if something needs doing, she already did it yesterday.

She’s the best mum ever and as well as running a creative photography business, she is also the creative designer to our house and creative entertainer to our boys.

Her warmth to our clients and her photographic ability is the reason she is successful in everything she does”

– Whats important to Nic –

– My husband Nick and my 2 boys {Olen & William}

– Keeping my family close

– Making time for everybody important

– Fashion

– Family do’s

– Google

– Keeping a happy home

– My garden

– Laughing


-What Nic says about Nick-

“Nick is a cheeky boy from Rotherham. He is a true perfectionist in everything he does. His pure charm and enthusiasm for everything “Photogenick” shines through on every photography project.

I adore working with my husband and best friend. We bounce of each others energy and creativity for what we do best”

– Whats important to Nick –

– My wife, children, family & friends

– The excitement of my work

– Making sure my children grow up excited & enthusiastic

– My black labrador “lola”

– Travelling

– The universe and why….

– Making sure our clients are happy and are our future friends

– My marine fish tank

– Autumn

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