Yorkshire Wedding Photography.

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This is a small selection of images from last weeks wedding in Hertfordshire. Starting with the bridal preps all the way through until the evening reception. It is standard practice for Nick Prescott-White l.s.w.p.p. to photograph the full day as it unfolds. Based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Photogenick Photography has quickly gained an amazing reputation for giving their clients the style, service and up most professionalism throughout.

Photogenick Photography is a Rotherham, Yorkshire based photography company which covers all aspects of photography from Weddings to Portraits and from Commercial to Events.
The photographer Nick Prescott-White l.s.w.p.p. has earned himself a valuable reputation as a hard working, light hearted and creative photographer who is willing to go the extra mile to get the images you deserve.

With regards to his Wedding Photography Nick Prescott-White has a style that blends classic and modern. His photos are elegantly crafted and composed, with each frame telling its own story.

Nick believes that each wedding is unique. Renowned for his preparation, Nick spends time getting to know each of his clients, so they feel at ease with them on their important day.
Before the event, he spends time exploring the venue and talking with the bride and groom to work out the best way to document the day. His aim is always to deliver photos that you will cherish forever.


07894 634 828


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