Snowy Weddings around the UK


Not posted for a little while as ive been quite busy over the last couple of months but shot this image at a wedding last week in Hertfordshire at a venue called Brocket Hall. Really pleased with the end result of this one! The ceremony did not start until 4pm so the chance of getting some outdoor group shots was looking pretty non existent as it was almost dark by 5pm. This shot was taken at about that time just after the ceremony when I managed to get the bride and groom outdoors for a couple of cheeky shots. Although it was snowing at the time and im sure the temperature was below zero, the bride and groom braved the elements to allow me to get a few images in the bag with no fuss whatsoever from them. Using some off camera flash my assistant and myself managed to capture this shot showing the snow falling and the dimming evening sky. Surely an image which they will cherish forever.

If you would like me to photograph your wedding in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire or anywhere in the UK, be sure to contact me at or phone 07894 634828 or email me at

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